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All BGZ projects target the actual need of the project partner. They are designed in order to produce useful and applicable results. We regard it as essential that sustainability of results is taken into consideration at the very beginning of the planning.

Very often the result is a product that can be utilized by other interested parties. These products are always documented, often in several languages. They are available from us or our partners in the form of leaflets, film, tool boxes or DVDs. Contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

The Stranger in the Mirror – Film

Der Fremde im Spiegel

DVD | 27 minutes | 2004
German | English subtitles

The short film “The Stranger in the Mirror” tells the bizarre and interesting tale of two colleagues of different nationalities. They have a row as a result of their individual and mutual prejudices. A short time later their bodies are swapped. The adversaries are compelled to deal with the life of the other for an indefinite time. The film is an educational product against Xenophobia at the workplace and aims to address young people in particular. The film is not intended to preach but rather to be thought-provoking and to stimulate discussion.

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The Stranger in the Mirror - Film:
Trailer on Youtube
The film can be ordered directly via the director and producer Reinhard Günzler for € 24.90.
Accompanying material for use in the classroom can be found here:
PDF German

Berufe Global – Teaching and learning materials

The material for global learning is still very inadequate in many EU countries.
Good course resources are not used often enough. The teaching materials from “Berufe Global” are intended to help the trainee to consciously confront and deal with the topic of global change. In this way, their social and intercultural competences are strengthened. Not only educational institutions but especially SMEs can profit from this concept.

The learning and teaching materials are geared to the labour market and include didactic instructor handouts for various areas of work. They are printed and can also be downloaded:

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“Backen” (“Baking”) for bakers, confectioners, fresh goods sales assistants, bakery sales assistants (PDF):
German Polish
“Bauen” (“Construction work”) for masons; tilers; heat, cold and noise insulators; skilled road construction workers; and sales staff in retail stores for construction material (PDF):
German Hungarian
DVD with worksheets (in German/Polish/Hungarian) and short films:
More material on the project website:

Umbau & KO – Blower Door – Film

Thermo Bild

Due to increased requirements concerning energy efficiency in buildings, the skilled worker is now facing new tasks. One of these tasks is the implementation of the EU buildings directive and the resulting new energy-saving regulation in Germany.

The film describes very clearly how building impermeability can be tested by using the “Blower Door” measuring procedure. It addresses training staff, technical instructors, construction specialists and persons interested and involved in energy efficient construction. It can be used as teaching material in further training courses, or shown in specialized lessons for trainees. In addition it is suitable for seminars, for information events or for presentation at conferences or workshops.

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DVD - 2 parts - 29 minutes - 2006
Order the film here

Awareness for Fairness – Tool boxes and leaflets

The teaching material supports the implementation of the “Orientation framework global development” of the Kultusministerkonferenz (Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany) in Berlin. In a most innovative way and with varied examples, the three tool boxes and two leaflets explain the subject “Learning in a global context”. They follow the quality criteria for global learning put forward by VENRO, Pädagogisches Werkstattgespräch (Educational Workshop conversation) and the new curricular requirements of the Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science to be introduced in the school year 2012/2013.

The materials can be used especially well in general and vocational schools and are a great demand. The leaflet on the subject “OIL” is already almost out of stock.

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Teaching material
Curricular requirements of the Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science
Orientation framework for the subject of global development

ProIntegration – DigiTales – Films

The DigiTales method was developed by the BGZ in collaboration with our trans-national partners in the Equal development partnership ProIntegration. In this project, people can tell their story digitally in the shape of a mini film. Over a period of three days, they write their script and add photos and pictures for a short film of about two minutes in length.

The method is inexpensive and easily reproduced. The service and information platform “Lehrer-Online” (Teachers online) has designed a teaching unit on “DigiTales“. The completed “DigiTales” have been posted on the internet.

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Teaching unit on Lehrer-Online (Teachers online)
DigiTales – Films

Active Health – Strategy paper

A strategy to increase the percentage of immigrants in health professions was formulated in cooperation with the Senate Department for Health, Environment and Consumer Protection in Berlin. The aim is to recruit “multipliers”, i.e., people who can disseminate information concerning the intercultural opening. The strategy is an integral part of the Master Plan Health.

The strategy paper contains recommendations for the establishment of a health network and to inform and raise the awareness of protagonists. The methodological approach is “Empowerment”. It targets not only senate departments, and general and vocational schools, but also the institutions of the public health service as an employer.

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Information on training in the public health service:
State of Berlin health requirements:
Master Plan Health

Trialog – Intercultural hand books

The intercultural hand books “Beruf und Kultur” (Vocation and culture) contain the most important details and background information on Turkey, Poland and Germany. They give information on history, culture, tourism, country and people. They also provide useful tips, links and addresses for work in general.

The hand books are ideal for trainees and for information on hotel chains, travel agencies, haulage companies, retail chains, trade schools and educational institutions. Available as PDF-data. Languages: German, Turkish and Polish.

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To the handbooks:
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