Baltic Game Industry – 
Empowering a Booster 
for Regional Development

Baltic Game Industry – Empowering a Booster for Regional Development

Today games are the most dynamic creative industry worldwide, with an exponential growth rate. While some successful game hotspots exist along the Baltic Sea axis, the business still faces important challenges. Concerted action of the actors in the Baltic Sea Region is required to keep pace with this rapidly emerging industry, its new technologies and sales markets for economic growth in BSR.

Our innovative project ‘Baltic Game Industry’ (BGI) aims at boosting the game industry in the Baltic Sea Region. BGI will foster innovation power and the emergence of a powerful game business scene around the Baltic Sea, strengthen internationalisation and cooperation across stakeholders and countries, and finally make BSR a game business hotspot with a joint branding.

For this, BGI links three closely intertwined fields of action:

  • policy developments towards favourable framework conditions for the BSR game industry,
  • capacity building and empowerment of innovation intermediaries to effectively support game business actors and strengthen both their business power and business opportunities,
  • opening-up new markets beyond entertainment, exemplarily with VR-applications in health care, thus boosting technical innovation beyond games.

The core objective is the installation of durable game incubation structures, programmes and schemes, to effectively support the emergence and viability of game start-ups in the BSR.

  • Permanent Secretary for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises Christian Rickerts welcomes the project consortium at the gala evening in the Berlin Town Hall (@BGZ)
  • Group photo of the consortium (© Landesarchiv Berlin)
  • BGI Kick-off meeting (© Landesarchiv Berlin)
  • Map of participating countries 
(© BGZ, based on Interreg BSR (Programme area map))

A variety of outputs derive from our project activities in the three fields of action. Highlights to mention are improvements in regulations, strategies and schemes guiding the business support for game start-ups, functional game incubators and the integration of VR applications for therapeutic use in various clinics across the BSR.

With this holistic approach, our project BGI has the power to make change happen – turning an ambitious game developer scene into a competitive and attractive business sector with sound innovation potential.

The project will be carried out by a powerful partnership comprising 47 organisations (22 full partners & 25 associates), including public authorities, business development agencies, game business associations, science and technology parks, scientific institutions, and healthcare providers from eight countries around the Baltic Sea.


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Welcome speech by Christian Rickerts, Permanent Secretary, at the project Kick-Off
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BGI is part of the Interreg BSR programme and closely interlinked with the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
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BGI is a flagship of the Policy Area Culture
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Branding “Games Capital Berlin” unites the Berlin game industry under one roof and strengthens the location internationally
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Action Plan to Strengthen Berlin’s Games Industry
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Partners in Germany:

State of Berlin, HTW Berlin, Hamburg Institute of International Economics, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

Transnational partners:

in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden

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Baltic Game Industry